Q: What is Offset?

A: Offset is Victoria University’s Creative Arts Journal produced by third year College of the Arts students. Offset is strong within its Melbourne-based community as well as having national and international success.

Q: Why should I submit to Offset?

A: Offset is a huge opportunity to expand your audience, contribute to your community, start a discussion, have your work seen and ultimately have your work published. On top of all this, those who make it to publication will be considered by our wonderful sponsors for awards. You’ll be appearing alongside our alumni of household names such as Arnold Zable, Christos Tsiolkas, Helen Razer, Paddy O’Reilly, Nazeem Hussain, Kate Holden, Baby Guerilla and many more!

Q: What do I get out of Offset?

A: If your work is chosen for publication you become a contributor. Your work will be published alongside our other talented contributors and Offset Seventeen will be sold online and in bookstores across Melbourne. Ultimately your work will be promoted in the community for you. Offset is a free platform for your creativity and a wonderful opportunity!

Q: How can I submit? And how can I submit the submission form if I don’t have access to a scanner?

A: You can submit via email at offset.submissions@students.vu.edu.au

Please scan in a copy of the signed submission form for each piece. We also accept a clear photograph of the signed submission form if you are unable to scan it. Please include this file alongside each submission.

We also accept printed submissions at our Footscray Park Campus, as well as mail to:

Ian Syson

Offset Director Victoria University

PO Box 14428 Melbourne VIC 8001

Please note that mailing submissions will be at your own cost and will not be returned so please don’t send originals.

Q: Who can be published?

A: We do not have restrictions on location or age. As long as the work is your own, previously unpublished, original work, we will consider it.

Q: How many times may I submit?

A: Any amount of submissions and any variety of submissions are allowed. For example, you may submit two short stories, and three pieces of visual art. Please note each submission must have its own submission form attached.

Q: Is there a fee for submissions?

A: No! This is a rare opportunity to have your work published and be seen on a successful platform and a great way to explore different creative outlets at no cost to you.

Q: Will I get feedback on my submission?

A: No, unfortunately due to the quantity of submissions received, we are unable to provide feedback.

Q: Will I be informed if I am unsuccessful?
A: Yes, you will be contacted via email in the event that your submission does not make publication.

Q: How can I get back issues of Offset?

A: Please email directly to offset@students.vu.edu.au regarding issue and quantity.

Q: Where can I find Offset Sixteen?

A: Offset Sixteen is available in store at the Sun Bookshop in Yarraville and Dymocks on Collins Street in Melbourne. Online purchases are also available by emailing offset@students.vu.edu.au.

Q: How can I get involved in the Offset team?

A: If you are a student in the College of Arts at Victoria University, you can be on the Offset team in your third year of studies.

Q: I write non-fiction – is there a place for that in Offset?

A: Absolutely! As long as your non-fiction is creative or narrative-based, we will gladly consider it.

Q: Why do you require a signature on the submission form?
A: The legal department insists on it. If you do not sign the submission form, we cannot accept your work since you have not given us the rights to publish your piece in Offset.

Q: Does ‘previously unpublished’ work extend to personal online sites/blogs like WordPress or Tumblr?

A: Offset is happy to say that we can accept content that has previously been uploaded to personal sites and blogs such as WordPress and Tumblr.

Q: I’ve missed the submissions deadline – where else can I get my work published?

A: Submissions reopen at the beginning of every year, so next year’s team will be just as eager to see your work!

2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I have done some work on 4X4 magic squares. I want to get published my work with my rights preserved. If this platform allows me for it- please tell me, so that I may submit my work.

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