How to Submit


offset submission guidelines 2017
Open the PDF in your browser and then save the document to your own drive.

Offset isn’t exclusive to Victoria University Students; submissions are open to everybody, and can be in the form of fictional and narrative non-fictional prose, poetry, visual art, and comics. As long as you follow our submission guidelines, there are no restrictions.

There’s also no limit to the number of submissions you can make. Whether it’s one, ten, or a million. Just don’t go overboard, we can only read so much!

Submission guidelines and submission forms can be found by following the link. Be sure to follow the directions carefully to ensure your submissions are valid.

Forms must be completed in full and include a physical signature. Each piece you submit needs a separate submission form. Nothing’s worse than having to leave out a great submission due to it not meeting the criteria.

We look forward to seeing your work—now get cracking!

7 thoughts on “How to Submit

    1. Hello. That’s a great question! And we are happy to be able to say that so long as the work is original and previously unpublished we are able to consider your submissions. We can’t wait to see (or hear) your work.

  1. Hi, I have just looked at your submission guidelines and I am still unclear whether or not you are currently taking submissions and whether you take simultaneous submissions?

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