Women’s Circus: Stories in Motion



About this video:

Women’s Circus is a feminist arts organisation dedicated to the individual wellbeing of women and their communities. Originally a project of Footscray Community Arts Centre, Women’s Circus was founded in 1991 by Donna Jackson to work with women who were survivors of violence and abuse. Twenty-five years later, the Circus is based at the Drill Hall in West Footscray. They now work with women of all ages, experience levels and cultural backgrounds as well as with local communities. Women’s Circus has created over thirty original works uniquely blending contemporary circus, theatre and music. Their training and creative programs celebrate the physical and imaginative potential of the human body and recognise the artist in each and every woman. This short film is a snapshot of Women’s Circus in its current form, as well as a glimpse of what the future might hold.

Read the transcript here.