Meet Your Team

The Offset 17 team. From left to right, Liam Richards, Jeevan Jeganathan, Pauline Sawyer, and Lina Bujupi
From left to right, Liam Richards, Jeevan Jeganathan, Pauline Sawyer, and Lina Bujupi

Lina Bujupi
Lina Bujupi is a writer who loves Harry Potter and Italian food.

Pauline Sawyer
Pauline Sawyer is third year student of Victoria University’s Professional and Creative Writing. In 2015 she achieved a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing.

This is a change of career path for Pauline who has a long work history in health and hospital management. She is looking forward to the process of delivering Offset 17.

Jeevan Jeganathan
Jeevan is a student from Melbourne that is completing the last year of his bachelor’s degree in professional and creative writing. He excels in writing creatively and enjoys writing stories about mechanical crabs fighting robots on the beach.

Liam Richards
An avid reader and writer, Liam began a bachelor’s degree in professional writing in 2015, leading to his current role on the Offset team. Video games are Liam’s jam; from the family-friendly fun of Pokémon to the unrelenting brutality of Dark Souls. His system of choice is his PC, with the PS4 following closely behind.

While Liam enjoys reading and writing, and lives and breathes video games, there is nothing he is more passionate about than Star Wars. It is his strong belief that The Empire Strikes Back is the greatest film ever made, barring none.

Ian Syson
Ian has been writing, teaching and thinking about publishing for more than 25 years. He edited Overland for 6 years and established the Vulgar Press in 1999. His kids call him a word nerd, and he infuriates them by taking it as a compliment.

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