Banrock Station

Offset 15 (2015)


Andrew Markwell

Banrock Station (3’28”)


I got drunk
Booked a one way flight
I hitched a ride from reservoir to northcote

I felt alone
Wrote a letter home\…
On the page was how are you

You were my mission
That lonesome night
A true religion that I can believe in

Too sick to go
So we just traded blows
And every bone in my body was screaming

Maybe I should think of something else
Maybe I should think a little less
About myself

I don’t believe
anything you say
But it sure is nice to
Have a place to stay.

You reply you say
So do i
And so the sky will attempt to
Levitate me

Evening well baby,
I can tell
It’s just you make me feel like
I shouldn’t be complaining

And I never thought that
The demons I’d fought
Could be something someone
You desire.

I scratched my throat
On a ten dollar note
And you spoke into my ear just like a choir