Characters – Transcript


A Trevor Brown Production

“Characters” A Glimpse of the Homeless World – Melbourne, Australia 2015”

In memory of the homeless

Who never made it off the streets…

‘I Spent over five years living in my small van,

For most of the time on the streets

Of Melbourne.”

“It had its moments.”

2012 – As I slept every panel painted

And side window taken out with a hammer…

My reality was tough…

Personal Safety of was Paramount Importance.

Others have it even tougher.


Wayne ‘Mouse’ Perry

Murdered 5th Jan 2014


Many of the homeless feel

Disconnected from Society

And are estranged from

Their families…

[Sounds of inaudible talking, car sounds and general city noises]


 Of the estimated 105,000 homeless across Australia

There’s over 22,000 in Victoria alone.

Nearly half of the total, an estimated 44%

Are 24 years and under.

*Stats by Homelessness Australia.

Luckily there are organisations that support them…


Anne Mitchell – Steps Outreach Services. (Concern Australia)


Anne:  “So Steps Outreach Service is a program of Concern Australia and it’s our 30th Anniversary this year, and we’ve spent 30 years of outreach at the steps of Flinders Street Station across the road here to young homeless people. And helping them with getting to know them, helping with their needs and then developing long term relational support – So that’s the main thing.”



Text on Screen:         “What changes have you seen in the people you’ve supported?”



Anne: “Well I guess because Steps supports people for a long time, we’ve actually seen amazing successes. So the majority of the people we have supported have made positive choices in their lives, got off the streets…”



Text on Screen:         Different organisations provide Various types of support.

                                 Margaret Oats Soup Van.

  Friday Night BBQ – Smith Street, Fitzroy

  Orange Sky Laundry.

  Mobile Laundry Service.. (Various Locations….)

  How often do you go shopping with your house on your back?

  Community Care Network

  Saturday Night on Flinders Street

  Homeless Aid

  Tuesday – Flinders Street.

  Rosie’s Van has been running for over 30 Years.


John: [mid sentence] “[Choir of hard knocks] will be there…”

Sarah (Rosie’s Volunteer): “Ohh Cool, every Thur..Every Friday?”

John: “No, I’m not sure, I think they go Monday and Friday.”

Sarah: “Cause I know Brendan and Robin like going there.”

John: “Yeah, there the Choir of Hard Knocks guys…”


Text on Screen:         Off Camera – Interview between Sarah, a Rosie’s Volunteer, and

 Robin, who has spent years in and out of boarding houses.

[Interview occurring off-screen – just audio]


Sarah (Rosie’s Volunteer): “What does it mean to be able to speak to Rosie’s Volunteers?”


Robin: “The way I see it, is for socialisation, I think it’s one of the greatest things that they come out and help out people.”


Text on Screen:         Anonymous X – Hands out clothing to the homeless and

disadvantaged at various locations around Melbourne.

It is too easy to blame the homeless

For their situation.

It Requires the public, society in general, the

corporate world and governments to work

together and provide obtainable solutions

for the homeless.

Affordable Housing is the key,

having a roof over your head should

be a basic human right.

Respect the Homeless…It could be you one day.

“The end”