Feature contributors for 2015

Each year Offset Journal has some magnificent feature writers, poets, artists and musicians supporting the journal. Every year is different and does not always contain someone from each creative industry.

Oscar Schwartz is our feature writer for Offset 15. Oscar is a poet and writer who is interested in how people tell their life stories. His work focuses on digital technology and how it makes us think carefully about what it means to be human. For the past two years, Oscar has been trying to discover whether computers can write poetry. His website, ‘bot or not’, presents users with a poem and they have to guess whether it is computer generated or written by a person.

See more about Oscar’s work here

Jackie Ralph is on board as our feature artist in Offset 15. Jackie’s work initially began with paintings of sumo wrestlers and transitioned into paintings and sculptures of horses. In 2013, Jackie’s stunning sculpture, ‘Horse with Something to Say’, was acquired by the World Trade Centre and sits out in the roundabout in the front garden.

See more of her work here

Conversation by Stephen Moore
Conversation by Stephen Moore

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